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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Book Review: Dunia Sophie -sebuah novel filsafat-

Dunia Sophie is a novel written by Jostein Gaarder, a Norwegian author.

As its tag-line suggests, this book tells the history of Philosophy since the era of Miletus' Philosopher (before Socrates) until the era of Jean-Paul Sartre, and highlights the notions of each major school (school = aliran) in philosophy.

One day, Sophie Amundsen, a fifteen years old high school girl, got a weird postcard in her mail box. Then, she got more letters and postcards with philosophical questions for her to answer. Some how, Sophie was 'forced' to learn Philosophy from Alberto Knox, a fifty years old philosopher.

A vast part of the novel is presented in form of dialogues and correspondences between Sophie with Alberto. The plot flows uniquely, with a touch of mystery on the identity of Alberto Knox whose name share resemblance with Albert Knag, a man who posses a god-like power and keeps bothering both of Sophie's and Alberto's life. There was also Hilde Molar Knag, another mysterious character whose name keeps appearing in Sophie's life since she received her first postcard from Alberto.
Who are these Knags? Can Alberto and and Sophie have a normal life after their lesson ends? Or, will there be an end for this lesson?

Gaarder creatively delivers Philosophy in a simple way so that it becomes interesting and can easily be understood. He also puts the elements of common teenage novel such as relationship between friends, children with parents, and school's issues; and close the story with somewhat surrealist ending. In short, this novel won't make you bored.


A fresh topic, nice plot, and lots of knowledge can be found within this book. More over, it helps me a lot in my Philosophy class :D. Hence, in a range of 1 to 10, i give 8,5 for Dunia Sophie. I personally recommend this book to be read by any one who loves good books ^_^

Title: Dunia Sophie

Category/ Genre: Novel/ Fiction, Philosophy (557 pages)

Author: Jostein Gaarder

Published: 2006 by Mizan

picture of Jostein Gaarder

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Fany_Krista said...

gk hrs pke jg kn ?

jd teringat , dulu ad sseorg tman yg pgn bli buku ini .
mgkn jg hsl rekomendasi dr seseorang y ;)

pandora said...

wanna read that book :(

dela said...

hey.. :)
well, actually i don't like philosophy as well, so would i love this book?
i hope i won't be curious reading it..

kesehaRian Ra-Kun said...


hayuk~~~ :)

yup, i bet u will :)

thanx for droppin' by ya ^_^

Aditya's Blogsphere said...

aq pernah punya cita-cita jadi novelis........btw dunia sophie apa terinspirasi akan seni indonesia?kok di preview foto covernya mirip tokoh wanita dalam pewayangan?

KucingTengil said...

wah...suka yg berbau2 philosophy neh. mahal ga ya????

Seti@wan Dirgant@Ra said...

Review yang mantap...

Intan Alasdair said...

Thanks for the wonderful review! :) P.s. I've linked you. :)

kesehaRian Ra-Kun said...

nope, it as nothing to do with wayang bro. it;'s just an illustration for Indonesian version cover.

no no no.
affordable, even for student like me :D

sep ^_^

i'll link you too :)

Cermin Community said...

this is surely an interesting book. it will be nice to discuss about its content more.

salam hangat.

Sang Cerpenis bercerita said...

thanks 4 the review.

restry said...

wanna read that book ^^ it seems such a nice book to read

Tukang Sampah said...

boleh usul?

pembukaannya kurang greget. lebih menarik seperti yang di review Perahu Kertas.

salam saja.

Anonymous said...

i like this novel....

Anonymous said...

i like this novel...thanks brother....

mas ndol said...

saya punya yang versi bahasa inggeris

Cermin Community said...

ceritanya absurd atau surealis ya :)