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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Book Review: Perahu Kertas

It’s another love story; that is how I will describe this book.

Meet Kugy, a cute messy little girl who loves to write fairy tales; and Keenan, a painter who is also an excellent student (I wonder where Dee got these names from). When fate makes them meet, they are actually attracted to each other, and eventually ‘related’ to each other. The problem is, their relationship has to deal with lots of difficulties. And the book tells how they deal with them.

This novel, unlike Dee’s previous novels, is surprisingly very light, pop, simple, and, in some extends, smells like a teenlit to me. In Perahu Kertas, Dee’s writing style is quite different from what we are familiar with, yet it flows beautifully and is still enjoyable.

After all, this novel surely will serve you with a well composed prose which is very easy to be digested. But if you are a man/boy who does not like a girlie teenage love story, I suggest you to buy this book, wrap it, and hand it over to your girlfriend as a gift :)


Considering the theme, the plot, and Dee’s touch on the overall story, I give Perahu Kertas 7 out of 10 scores ^_^

(It was actually 6,5; but I love the cover very much, hence a give extra 0,5 to the artist who designed it ^_^)

Title: Perahu Kertas

Category/ Genre: Novel/ Romance (444 pages)

Author: Dee

Published: 2009 by Bentang Pustaka & Truedee

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Intan Alasdair said...

You make me want to read this book!!! :) your template is awesome btw. :)

agung aritanto said...

aku pernah liat ni buku di gramedia tapi aku kurang tertarik membacanya

Cermin Community said...

a compact review.
nice post.

salam hangat.

agung aritanto said...

Oh ya di awal tahun agung pengen bagi-bagi award,silahkan ambil di alamat ini

santet said...

waah pengen baca neh novel satu ini kemaren sempet udah liat tapi kebungkus plastik semua jadi ga bisa ngebaca deh

pengen beli dompet tipis alias bokek

anyin said...

review buku yang sama kyk pandora... hehe I know I'm bad at english. aku cinta indonesia hehe

Aditya's Blogsphere said...

nice review......salam knal baru pertama nih loh mampir kemari....

kesehaRian Ra-Kun said...

yap, just read it sista ^_^
thanx :)

gak papa bos, bukunya memang lebih cocok buat cewek :)

hohoh :D

coincident aja nyin :)
gak papa, itu juga udah bagus kok ^_^

sep, salam kenal juga.
thanx for droppin' by ya :)

Jo said...

It's one of my favourite book, Dee once again did awesome job...good plot, nice ending, silly conversation between Kugy and Keenan always make me laugh...salam agen neptunus :)

Sang Cerpenis bercerita said...

sudah baca. keren novelnya