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Monday, July 12, 2010

Review: The Wedding Story

A storyteller started his fairy tale by presenting a wedding cake with statue of a couple on top of it. The Groom appeared to be smart, handsome and gallant like a true gentleman; the Bride was young and pretty as a day in June. In front of the children, he started to describe how the couple met, how they fell in love and decided to marry, how their reception in Vermont was and how their honeymoon in Vegas would be. Shortly, it was a description of a perfect life from a perfect couple.

But the figures on the cake somehow turned into a living being, and began to argue against whatever the Storyteller said. They wanted the Storyteller to tell the truth, that what happened with them was nothing like in tale at all. In the real life, they did not met in high school, but in a bar; the Bride was eleven years older than the groom; and the Groom was an effeminate teenager.

The Storyteller tried hard to make the fairy tale went on, saying that it was only a prototype story for children bed time. Nevertheless, the Groom and Bride kept interrupting it. Fed up with the debate, the storyteller finally agreed to tell the truth, the whole enchilada, proverbial hook, line and sinker. The problem is, will it be proper to tell the children such pathetic truth of life?

The Weeding Story is a ten-minute play written by Julianne Homokay. To me, it is a realist drama that criticizes modern society condition, in which crisis of identity and morality strikes. Excessive freedom which generates secularism, sexual disorientation, and racism are some of the issues pointed in the script. In its own way of comedy, the play invites us to question our selves: do we really wish to be happy in this kind of freedom in life? What about our children? Shall we show them what life is really like, no matter how ugly it is; or shall we feed them with fairy tale and let them be disappointed when they realize the truth?
Overall, this play is worth to watch. It is enjoyable and thoughtful. Hence, I give it 8,5 points.

Title: The wedding Story
Playwright: Julianne Homokay
Category/ Genre: One-act Play/ Comedy, Satire
Copy rights : 2000

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kebookyut said...

wew... lucu mainan cakenya...
wah tu buku bhs inggris y? dmana bisa beli?

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

covernya kayak di gambar itu ya?

rosanakmami said...

belom baca,,,, heu... >.<
di gramed ada kagak tuh?

met hari selasa, rakun
semoga hari ini menyenangkan :D

Sang Cerpenis bercerita said...

kisah yg menarik ya.

Riska mbem said...

hihi cute mainannya... waah kesian noh yang jadi pengantin baru pria, mereka mesti minder kalo lagi liad mainan kayak begono :D

kesehaRian Ra-Kun said...

ohya, ini sebuah drama lho, bukan buku :)

rezKY p-RA-tama said...

covernya keren

wibowo said...

me : mampir... mengucapkan minal aidin wal faidzin ya
pemiliki blog : lho kan belum pernah kenal? gimana sih!? kok ujug-ujug minta maaf?
me : iya, makanya belum kenal ni minta maaf. sapa tau bisa kenal terus semakin kenal makin banyak frekuensi salah yang di hasilkan. makanya minta maaf duluan ^_^ lagi pula mumpung lebaran juga
pemilik blog : maksud tersembunyi lainnya?
me: ninggalin jejak kalau pernah mampir kesini hohohoho

happy blogging dan sukses selalu..

Cermin Community said...

ini drama satir yang menarik, kawan.

Umy Diary said...

kali pertama comment setlah skian minggu nggak BW an,,
umy berkunjung ,,,
pa kbrny nie?